Spring Baseball Registration

Registrations for the Spring baseball season begin in early December.  CVBA encourages you to sign up for spring baseball as soon as possible due to league commitments, planning purposes, team placement guarantees, and to avoid any late fees.

CVBA offers baseball programs for beginner and recreational players ages 4 to 10 years old where games are primarily in-house.  Additionally, CVBA offers travel programs for more competitive baseball players starting with 10U through 14U playing in the Lancaster County Youth Baseball League (LCYBL).

Spring Baseball Program

CV Baseball offers several programs across many age groups.  Age groups are based on the LCYBL Age Chart for all travel and recreational teams, but has flexibility with recreational teams to best fit players onto teams where s/he is best suited.

  • Tee Ball:  Ages 4 to 6 (recreational and play on CV Fields)
  • Rookies: Ages 6 to 8 (recreational and play on CV Fields)
  • 10U: Ages 8 to 10 (recreational and Travel Programs)
  • 12U: Ages 11 to 12 (Travel teams playing in the LCYBL)
  • 14U: Ages 13 to 14 (Travel teams playing in the LCYBL) 14U age freshmen trying out for JV should register for 14U!

Age Chart

Birth Start Birth End  Age Age Group
05/01/2017 04/30/2018 4 Tee Ball
05/01/2017 04/30/2018 5 Tee Ball
05/01/2016 04/30/2017 6 Tee Ball / Rookies
05/01/2015 04/30/2016 7 Rookies
05/01/2014 04/30/2015 8 Rookies / 10U
05/01/2013 04/30/2014 9 10U
05/01/2012 04/30/2013 10 10U
05/01/2011 04/30/2012 11 12U
05/01/2010 04/30/2011 12 12U
05/01/2009 04/30/2010 13 14U
05/01/2008 04/30/2009 14 14U

Registration Cost

  • Tee Ball: $90
  • Rookies: $110
  • Rec: $110
  • 10U, 12U, 14U Travel: $165

The registration cost covers part of the uniform for players.  Please see the FAQ for information on needed player equipment.

A mandatory $30 per player Field Fee will be added during registration. 

Participation in the annual fundraiser is required unless you choose to opt out of during registration during registration at a cost of $30 with a family cap of $60.

Registration Deadline

  • The registration deadline is January 7th for the travel program and February 28th for Tee Ball, Rookies, and 10U Rec programs.
  • Any registration after the Registration Deadline will be subject to a $20.00 late fee.

Multiple Player Discounts

  • $50 savings for the second child
  • $100 savings for the third child
  • $50 savings for the fourth and additional children

Field Day Fee

CVBA has a mandatory field prep fee of $30 per player.  This fee is being added to registration to pay for the cost of the fields being professionally prepared for the spring baseball season.  Volunteer participation in the annual Field Day event has been too small so the Board has instituted the fee to have the funds to pay for the fields to be prepared.


CVBA has a mandatory fundraiser that will be charged to families during the registration process.  Families will have the opportunity to earn back the fundraiser fee by selling fundraiser item(s).  The fundraiser fee is $30 per player with a family maximum of $60.  You can also choose to pay the opt out fee when the fundraiser is due.  Details of the fundraiser will be communicated closer to the start of the season.


Any individual interested in coaching a 10U, 12U, or 14U team this upcoming season must reach out to CV Baseball by email at info@cvbaseballassociation.com. The Board will review each candidate and determine the best fit for each team.  Additionally, all background checks must be submitted prior to evaluations in January, 2023.

Refund Policy

If a refund is requested, we reserve the right to reduce the refund by any costs that we’ve incurred. Examples of those costs are registration fees, uniforms, league fees, etc. Submit your request via email to info@cvbaseballassociation.com with the player’s name and reason.

Travel Player Evaluations

For all players taking part on our travel teams, we hold evaluations to best place each player on a team.  There is no guarantee your player will make a travel team.  All players will be evaluated fairly and placed on teams based on what's best for the player, team, and program.  It is understood that issues around COVID19 may make it more difficult for players to attend.  Additionally, we are aware of players who have other scheduled/planned activities that prevent them from coming.  All of this will be taken into consideration when forming Spring travel teams.  These evaluations are for travel players only.
Travel Player Evaluations will be held at Keystone State Sports on January 7, 2022 and January 8, 2022.  The times are as follows:
  • Friday, January 7, 2022– 6p to 9p / 14U Travel
  • Saturday, January 8, 2022– 1p to 5p / 12U Travel & 10U Travel
Players will be evaluated on Hitting, Fielding, and Pitching.  We encourage all players to bring their own equipment.  CV Baseball will provide a few bats and helmets that will be sanitized between uses for players who do not have a helmet or bat.
Please see Keystone State Sports COVID-19 Guidelines before coming to Evaluations but here are some key points:
  • A mask must be worn at ALL TIMES while in the facility, including during the workouts 
  • Temperature checks of each participant as they enter the facility (a temp of 100.4 or higher cannot be admitted)
  • No parents/guardians/spectators are allowed in the facility - this is to limit the number of people inside - They may use the restrooms, if needed.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility and we encourage everyone to use it
  • Daily cleaning of high-touch areas and electrostatic disinfectant is frequently used throughout the facility
  • Water fountains are closed
  • All participants must have a KS Sports Waiver Form completed PRIOR to participating at the facility (click here for the web form). Please forward the following link to each participant to complete. This will be submitted electronically to me and I will keep a list of all signed waivers. Have them list "CV Youth Baseball" as their team/event. 

Player, Coach, Club, and Community Safety Notes

In light of COVID-19 and the mandates that have been put in place by government leaders, some or all of the Spring 2022 Season will likely look different.  This section of the website as well as our FAQ will be used to communicate CVBA's safety and COVID-19 requirements and precautions.  More to come as we get closer to the beginning of the season.  Our safety stance will take into consideration government orders, CDC recommendations, and common sense to ensure we're doing our part in providing a safe experience for our players, coaches, the club, and the community at large.

What happens after registration?

Teeball and Coach Pitch Teams

Practices will begin in late March or early April at which point you'll hear from your coach with more details about the season. Typically, a team will practice 1-2 times per week and when games start it will be a max of 3 times per week.  Each coach makes their schedule according to field availability and other variables.   No events are scheduled on Sundays unless weather cancellations require make ups.  The season typically ends in early June but your coach will provide your schedules.  Please note any scheduling conflicts during registration and we'll try to accommodate.  We ask for your child's school and grade as we try to place them on teams that will practice close to that area. 

10U Teams Recreational Teams  

For ages 8-10 we have recreational teams and travel teams.  Recreational teams will play at CV fields, will be primarily in-house, the season will be begin March and end in early June, and the evaluation is not mandatory (though highly encouraged to help balance teams).  If you want your player to be in the recreational team regardless of evaluation results, please register for 10U and note your preference in the comments section.  If you are unsure, we recommend registering your player, completing the evaluation in January, and then the coaches will recommend placement. The board will decide the best placement of players to best assign players to the appropriate section and team.  Please note any scheduling conflicts during registration and we'll try to accommodate you.

10U/12U/14U Travel Teams

To play on one of the travel teams, we require a player evaluation. The board will decide the best placement of players to best assign players to the appropriate section and team.  The evaluations for travel teams will be in late January.

All 10U/12U/14U travel rosters will be determined by late February and coaches will then communicate team practice schedules and season expectations.  Your coach will determine their team's practice frequency and schedule but you can usually expect 3-4 practices per week and then 1-2 games per week beginning in April.   The regular season ends in mid-to-late June and if playoffs are achieved then the season may continue through mid-July.  

For 10U players who tried out for a 10U travel team but was not selected, s/he will be given a refund and placed on a recreational team roster.  For 12U and 14U players, all game play is in the LCYBL.

For 9th graders who are still eligble for 14U, please sign up for baseball as well as attend assessments even if he is trying out for Junior Varsity Baseball at CVHS.  In the event the player DOES NOT make the JV team, he will have a place on the 14U roster.  In the even he DOES make the JV team, CVBA will issue a full refund for registration.

Coaches may also enter their team into tournament(s) and that will be explained at the beginning of the season.

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Any questions or concerns about the registration process can be directed to info@cvbaseballassociation.com.

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